HUDSON QUARTER - York, United Kingdom

Location: Hudson Quarter - York, United Kingdom

Located in the heart of York, Hudson Quarter is a renewed residential and commercial space built on the site of the former Hudson House and York’s first Railway Station. The main concept that leaded the project was to stay with the famous York aesthetic but with a modern touch, also focusing on human-centricity to suit the busy complex.

Buildings were purposefully placed in close proximity to each other to imitate the city’s small alleyways. The lighting design was thought to ensure perfect uniformity with the surrounding properties and to enhance the ‘small city’ aesthetic of the overall development.

For these reasons, our partner Kingfisher Lighting chose Arcluce's products for Hudson Quarter. The selected products were Renio, Gothic180 and Inground 110 Short.

RENIO - With its elegant and simple design with squared shape, RENIO recessed wall luminaire perfectly fits with Hudson Quarter environment. RENIO is a functional outdoor step light designed to combine the possibility of creating light paths that improve orientation with a maximum visual comfort

Gothic180 – Gothic is a smart-function bollard that adds a stylish touch to any urban or residential environment. With its unique angular design and low glare output, according to Kingfisher Lighting it was the ideal addition to Hudson Quarter’s busy residential site. They opted for the radial optic to illuminate walkways and surrounding greenery in 3000K allowing a comfortable illumination with no light pollution.

Inground 110 Short – This inground lighting fixture was placed throughout the gardens to perfectly accent the natural features of the space. These small yet powerful fittings create suggestive light paths that improve safety and redefine the space, by adding a scenographic touch to Hudson Quarter.

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