About us

For almost 30 years Arcluce have been a dynamic and constantly growing company, offering wide and complete range of lighting solutions.

From the project to product creation, the whole process is carefully accomplished in the headquarter of San Zenone al Lambro, nearby Milan.
Optics, mechanical engineering and electronics know-how, qualified personnel and modern technologies enable creating a wide range of products to match the needs of architects, designers and projectists.

A structured organization featuring technical and commercial skills, to establish effective sinergies and promptly react to market requirements.

Research & Development
In a modern and equipped laboratory, an entirely internal team is constantly dedicated to the development of new concepts, expressions of the marriage between creativity and innovation. High quality and energy saving products, always capable to match the strictest safety requirements.

Engineering & Design
Technical reliability, material quality and optical solution accuracy, together with the uninterrupted projecting of refined shapes enable creating affordable, versatile and distinctive solutions.    

In the production site, a synthesis between advanced technology and qualified personnel allows to fulfil an efficient production process. Before being launched. each product is severely tested to certify the compliance to regulatory and quality standards.

Lighting projecting
Professional technicians and Dialux lighting design software offer a wide investigation and lighting projecting service, able to identify the most suitable products and solutions.

Our strengths

Technical and engineering knowledge, process and dynamics expertise, together with a natural passion and solid tradition are guarantees of Arcluce credibility and reliability.

Time-to market
Quality products design and construction, performed through advanced material and solutions, always allow a prompt reaction to the challenges of a continuously evolving market.

An accurate lighting consultancy and assistance, from projecting to installation, helps identifying the most suitable solutions and applications for every specific architectural and environmental requirement.