Moto floodlights

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Innovative urban light fixture, marked by a simple but modern design and a strong structure, able to host three radial optics LED sources.


Announcing the launch of our new website

We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live. Important and meaningful turning point for Arcluce that has managed to renew itself through the creation of a more functional and stylish space.



Moholt Student Village

Many PANTHEON2 floodlights installations light Trondheim's largest student village, in Norway.

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Staup Helsehus

Lunio urban Street light fittings were installed to illuminate the exterior of the building. Thanks to the high-performance lenses and LED sources, these fittings give both an optical and energy-saving efficiency.

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Butcher Works Sheffield

The Butcher Works buildings on Arundel Street, Sheffield, are a landmark of the entire city industry.

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Regenstrief – IUPUI

Twelve INGROUND 260 installations have been placed to illuminate a decorative work that stands out in the gardens.

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