Dundonald Links - Irvine, Scotland

Location: Dundonald Links - Irvine, Scotland

Situated in the heart of the Ayrshire coastline, just 24 miles south of Glasgow, Dundonald Links is an elegant five-star resort housing luxury accommodation, a golf course and a clubhouse. The complex's facilities have been designed to pay homage to the iconic Scottish scenery, with buildings featuring classic architectural features such as cedar cladding and pitched roofs.

Arcluce's partner in the area, Kingfisher Lighting, in charge of the lighting project for Dundonald Links outdoor spaces, opted for a human centric lighting solution: priority was given to safety, through a careful design of the lighting of the paths and walkways between the lodges.

The result is an aesthetically refined design that enhances the elegant structure of the golf club, while taking into account the technical characteristics required by the complex's particular geographical location, exposed to the strong, salt-laden winds of the Scottish coast.

To create an aesthetically pleasing impact between the architecture of Dundonald Links and the lighting of the outdoor passage areas, Kingfisher Lighting selected the KLOU180 bollard, whose elegant design blends harmoniously into the environment. From a technical point of view, the high degree of protection (IP66) and the finish subjected to a painting process resistant to the corrosiveness of marine environments make it a reliable and durable luminaire. The 3000K colour temperature and low-glare illumination that KLOU180 produces allows for the greatest possible light distribution for maximum visual comfort.

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