Product upgrade – THUNDER55 / STONE55

Arcluce wall and floor recessed luminaires improve their performance reducing energy consumption, to make luminous pathways even more beautiful and cost-saving.

THUNDER55 is the wall recessed steplight perfect for creating useful and scenographic light paths in passageways and stairways.

STONE55 is Arcluce recessed floor luminaire, ideal for functional and decorative illumination of passageways and boulevards in residential and public outdoor spaces. 

Now their performance are even more excellent, ensuring the highest luminous efficacy: thanks to the 2W LED source, STONE55 and THUNDER55 are able to guarantee the best quality of light, with a perfectly directed beam and the highest visual comfort, using half of the energy. Moreover, it is possible to connect up to 12 devices to one driver: this is a remarkable advantage, especially for the illumination of passageways, where numerous luminaires must be installed to create functional lighting schemes that show the way improving safety and orientation.

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THUNDER55 / STONE55 - 2W LED source; up to 12 devices to one driver