Baltimore Wharf - London, United Kingdom

Location: Baltimore Wharf - London, United Kingdom 

The design of the residential and commercial complex located in the Isle of Dogs, the large peninsula on the Thames in East London is one of the most interesting urban developments in the city, counting 1,000 residences and 2,400 square meters of commercial space.

Since this busy thoroughfare is home to retail outlets, residential and outdoor public spaces, the project aimed at developing an outdoor lighting scheme that enhance the luxury aesthetic of the complex on the one hand, and to ensure public safety, style, functionality, the right color temperature, placement and performance of the luminaires on the other. 

The project's lighting studies carried out by our partner Kingfisher Lighting led to the selection of KRION-IN short, the recessed ground luminaire designed for functional and dramatic outdoor lighting that reflects and enhances the modern aesthetics of the site. 

In fact, KRION-IN short is able to make architecture the protagonist and create evocative light paths thanks to its excellent lighting performance and high versatility of use conferred by its minimalist design with a linear shape and high strength, which allows you to customize the lighting effect you want to infuse into building facades, monuments, parks, gardens and pedestrian areas.

Kingfisher Lighting said, "Nothing offers luxury like Italian-made lighting fixtures."

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