Harwell Campus - Harwell, United Kingdom

Location: HARWELL CAMPUS - Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Harwell Science and Innovation Campus is a 700-acre science and technology campus about 15 miles south of Oxford, England.

A large part of the site was formerly the main research establishment of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, but it has seen a transition to its new role as a science and business park as the nuclear facilities have been decommissioned.

Nowadays, over 6,000 scientists, engineers and innovators work there in public and private sector organisations across Space, Clean Energy, Life Sciences and Quantum Computing sectors.

Our partner Kingfisher Lighting was involved in the lighting project of Quad Two campus, characterized by a modern architecture, with the aim of developing an innovative lighting solution maintaining human centricity at its core.

Thus, the main concept of the project was to create a calm light filled space where aesthetic and functionality are balanced with a specific focus on visual comfort.

Kingfisher chose RAY180short to illuminate the entrances and exits of the buildings. These elegant architectural downlighters with a sleek stainless-steel finish and powerful performance were selected in their flood 29° optics version to create a subtle distribution whilst maintaining functionality.

For the communal areas of the campus, Kingfisher chose the architectural floodlight DUEVENTI on GRAPES because of it’s contemporary compact design that enhances the overall aesthetic of this modern campus and guarantees maximum visual comfort.

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