Suspended Bridge, Vagli

Location: Vagli, Italy

Arcluce lighting devices have been selected to illuminate the pedestrian suspended rope bridge connecting the sides of Vagli Lake in Tuscany.

With breathtaking views over the surrounding landscape, the bridge is 140-meter long and is supported by two steel pillars anchored to the ground with deep-tie rods positioned on both sides of the lake. Arcluce created a lighting project capable of enhancing the architectural lines of this extraordinary structure with specific light effects. NADIR spotlights have been installed on the pillars; with scattered light and concentrating beam optics that allow the lighting of the structure entire length, exalting the stately and the geometric shape.

On the side of the pillars MOTO floodlights have been set to light the entrance of the bridge. On the lake shores four more NADIR RGB create demonstrating green, white and red light tricks, following the whole bridge length and mirroring into the lake water. This type of illumination, more powerful, has been alternated to the softer light of the STONE55 step lights, placed along the pedestrian path to highlight the passage.

The luminaries enclose state-of-the-art LED technology to guarantee the highest energy efficiency, and with a corrosion and salt spray-resistant coating that makes them suitable for externals and humid zones. In addition to this, all device groups are interdependent and can be individually controlled, depending on whether you want to illuminate the pedestrian passage, the entrance or the entire bridge.

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