Urban Lighting (Products for Outdoor lighting)

Arcluce urban lighting solution is composed of a wide range of products, predominantly with LED light sources, in order to meet the many possible applications: parks, green areas, promenades, private driveways, medieval squares, courtyards...

The bodies of the devices are designed to accommodate and protect the optical parts: also, a high IK degree ensures protection from external stresses and vandalism. Available in versions from 3000 to 4000K, the products are characterized by high lighting performance, the possibility of lighting control and the high energy savings.


A LED only light fitting for urban lighting, LUNIO is the outcome of the constant research led by ARCLUCE, aimed at finding technologically advanced solutions. Its modern and minimal design is the perfect synthesis combining esthetical features and shapes. Featuring high efficiency standards and remarkable lighting performances, LUNIO is one of the evidences of the effort undertaken by ARCLUCE in terms of environmental protection and cost saving. Thanks to its features and design, this technologically reliable fitting is the ideal solution for urban settings, pathways, outdoor public and private areas, parks and gardens. Designed to ensure a constant lighting emission through the entire product life cycle, our device allows a total control of the output power and a dynamic planning function enable to set an automated light handling system.

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lunio street


LUNIO STREET is a solution for urban and street lighting with asymmetric optics from 3000 to 4000K; it can be used with classic pole and “whip”. It can be easily integrated for context such as parks, urban areas, roads and walkways. The LED light sources are concentrated in a single window from which the light is directed by high-performance lenses. Arcluce is strongly focused on managing the light and therefore the company has created a product designed to properly direct the flow of light illuminating towards the target area, thus preventing glare.

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LUNIO7’s name comes from its angle structure that provides a robust but not intrusive support for the lighting module and lends itself to numerous outdoor applications. The LED light sources are concentrated in a single window from which the light is directed by high-performance lenses. The minimal design and attention to optics are able to enlight the desired area, without being affected by the presence of the pole. LUNIO7's range is completed with two different solutions of beams: roto-symmetric and asymmetric beam for road solutions.

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Elegance and simplicity combine in QUADRIO giving birth to a perfect luminaire for ornamental lighting of public areas such as squares, gardens and pedestrian zones. There are two types of optics available: in LED and fluorescent lamps version the light is softly diffused through an opal screen, in LED and metal halide version the light source is positioned inside the head and appropriately oriented to lighten the surrounding environment. In this way, the decorative value of light perfectly combines with high performances and efficiency in the lighting of urban areas. QUADRIO, with its features, complete the series of Gothic and Kubix bollards: a range of uniquely designed luminaires that can be equally used as light sources and refined architectural elements for urban decor.

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soul 180 urban

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Designed to illuminate promenade and exterior residential or institutional areas, SOUL180 has a simple and modern design, and could be included in any kind of architectural context.

Characterized by an aluminium robust structure designed to install 3LED inside it, it offers a radial optic.

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