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High Protection Degree recessed Luminaires
High Protection Degree Recessed Luminaires

Range of ceiling-recessed light fittings for illumination of outdoor environments where a high protection degree is required (IP67-IP68).

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Recessed Floor Fitting

Walk-over and drive-over inground uplight fittings characterised by advanced manufacture techniques.

Made with die-cast aluminium or stainless steel body, die-cast aluminium or stainless steel frames, safety glass with static load capacity up to 8000 Kg and installation box made of thermoplastic material with high mechanical resistance or stainless steel. These light fittings, available in different sizes, can be fitted with a wide range of optics symmetrical, asymmetrical, fixed or adjustable beam reflectors depending on different light engineering requirements. The selection of a light fitting among the many available versions, each one fitted with a special type of frame and together with its associated accessories, will determine different light effects and enhance the scenic and architectural value of façades, gardens or paths.

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Recessed Wall-mounted Luminaires
Step light

Elegant and minimal design makes Arcluce recessed wall-mounted luminaires an ideal solution for promenades, stairs and private walkways.

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Facade Fitting
Facade Fitting

Easy to be installed and with high optical efficiency, facades fittings easily adapt to many types of applications and blend in with the environment in which they are inserted.

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Fittings made of aluminum, characterized by two harmonic body parts: the base, which allows for a rock-solid stability in the ground, and the optical part, which proposes different illuminations options.

The wide range of solutions includes different heights of the bollard up to 1 meter above the ground, a high IK degree able to protect the light source from act of vandalism and numerous optical solutions ranging from radial to one-way and two-way illumination; these features allow a product integration in environments such as residential lighting, architectural environments and medieval squares.

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Urban lighting
Urban Lighting

Arcluce urban lighting solution is composed of a wide range of products, predominantly with LED light sources, in order to meet the many possible applications: parks, green areas, promenades, private driveways, medieval squares, courtyards...

The bodies of the devices are designed to accommodate and protect the optical parts: also, a high IK degree ensures protection from external stresses and vandalism. Available in versions from 3000 to 4000K, the products are characterized by high lighting performance, the possibility of lighting control and the high energy savings.

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Outdoor Floodlights
Outdoor Floodlights

The series of Arcluce projectors is composed of a wide range of solutions, with refined design and high performance.

It ranges from the small projector for illuminating architectural walls or floral details to high performance fittings for lighting basketball pitches or facades of skyscrapers and churches. The flexibility and modularity of lighting solutions allow you to have a customized product, while ensuring a high degree of protection up to IP67 and IK10, high lighting efficiency thanks to LED sources that provide different radial symmetrical, elliptical and wall washer beams.

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ceiling luminaires
Ceiling luminaires

Products with high performance lighting and equipped with system installation easier. 

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